New blog, new challenges

My first blog was on Blogger. The objective of this blog was to document Tunisian crochet techniques. And I met this objective. But the truth is that Blogger has limitations. It is easy to use and appealing for those new to blogging. But at some point, when you want to go into more details, you feel it’s limited.

So I’m starting a new blog with WordPress. The idea is to have more freedom to build and organize the content. But more freedom means new challenges. And I will try to tackle them, one by one, in the course of the following weeks.

Previous content to transfer

One of the biggest frustration in working on my previous blog was the monolithic organization. Articles and one page to list specific articles on Tunisian crochet techniques. The structure was not optimal. To note: I’m happy about the description of Tunisian crochet techniques I published and I will ensure I transfer this content in this new blog. It will be organized differently, but content-wise that part will be kept and improved!

It is important to log techniques. I have a structural approach that is worth what it is and is in no way prescriptive. I share my own classification system, built on my own experience and observations.

Still 2 languages, French and English, but separated

Initially I opted for writing articles in 2 languages at the same time, both languages next to each other. I evolve in a multilingual environment and I don’t want to limit my website to one language only. Practically writing in 2 languages within the same article turns out to have a negative impact on the visual aspect. One paragraph written in French, immediately followed by the same paragraph written in English, that is not ideal. I was forcing myself to keep my content as short as possible to remain reasonable in the quantity of text published. That was frustrating.

In this new blog, I’ll keep on publishing in French and English, but I will create a distinctive place for each language. Finding a logical way to help visitors quickly find out what they want in the language of their choice, that is another challenge.

Tunisian crochet, yes, but not only

My previous blog was mainly about techniques. If I still strongly believe in the necessity to log detailed documentation on Tunisian crochet, I would like to share other aspects directly or indirectly linked to it: crochet, knitting, dye, projects, events, patterns, books (and audio books), talented designers… In short, I will share more about my coups de coeur.

4 thoughts on “New blog, new challenges

  1. Rachel Henri Post author

    Thank you, Abbey. I’ll definitely move this content to my new blog with (I hope) an improved navigation to easily find specific techniques.

  2. Margaret-Rose Stringer

    Chère Rachel, please forgive in advance my rudeness in offering a couple of suggestions for the blog’s format …
    (1) a ‘Home’ page, with a link to it in the menu bar. It will be your very first post; and having the link enables readers to start from the beginning.
    (2) if the ‘Recent Posts’ list is in order, readers do not know it. I mean that we currently have no way of starting at the beginning and working our way through *in order of your posts*. What if you simply put “1.” and “2.” and so on at the beginning of the titles ?

    1. Rachel Henri Post author

      Hi, Margie-Rose,
      Thank you for your comments.
      Actually I renamed the Home page “Blog”, a place where I post articles (as opposed to “static” pages in the menu, information on various techniques of Tunisian crochet that can be found more easily than by going through all articles). Articles are in ante-chronological order. They are not meant to be read in a particular order though. There is no beginning as such. I want the latest article to appear on top, so that regular readers don’t have to scroll down to find the latest post.
      I’ll think about your comments. You have a point: a little “introduction” would be helpful. I’ll see where I can best place it.


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