Status on the review of my patterns

As announced in the previous post, right now I’m busy reviewing the patterns I published on Ravelry. By chronological order, from the oldest to the newest. Here is a status on what has been done so far. I’m not finished yet, but I’m progressing, little by little.

Comme un air de printemps

Surprisingly very little changes, just a few details here and there. And I turned a few schematics. Its’ a pattern that I wanted very descriptive to be accessible to beginners who would like to try Tunisian crochet without a long cable to their hook. I thought I would remove some descriptions. But in the end I left them. A descriptive pattern, that’s good. I also removed the “right/left” directions where I could (in this pattern and the others) as over time, thanks to my left-handed friends and testers, I learned a few things to improve that aspect.

Deux manières de faire

Originally there was only one pattern, Une manière de faire (One way of doing it), a triangular shawl. Then I made another pattern, Une autre manière de faire (Another way of doing it) with a similar construction but a rectangular shape. So I grouped them. Again, only few changes, similar to what I have done in Comme un air de printemps.

Entre les lignes

For this pattern I really wondered if it would not be best to remove the photo tutorial. I added links to my new website where the twisted stitches are fully described (with a video on YouTube). So reading my pattern Entre les lignes (Between the lines), I felt the photo tutorial was a little redundant. Not completely, but still. In the end I left it. It’s done, it’s there, it’s harmless.

Ciel impressionniste

The review of Ciel impressionniste (Impressionist sky) was surprisingly quick. I started to use tables for my written instructions as from this pattern. And I find it so much better. Visually you can easily compare several consecutive rows in one glance and see the general structure of instructions throughout all rows.

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