Tunisian crochet on Instagram

I like Instagram. The format which consists in using a photo or a short video to share a passion is just ideal. This application allows to follow almost in real time what other people all round the world are busy with on a shared center of interest.

You can follow people. That is the first natural thing I started to do when I joined Instagram. But it is also possible to follow hashtags. And this, in my opinion, considerably widens the scope of shares and discoveries. You want to see more content related to Tunisian crochet? Look for specific hashtags.


Short reminder: a hashtag is a word or group of words preceded by the sign #. It allows the identification and classification of photos published on social media platforms. In other words, for the topic of this article, hashtags such as #crochettunisien and #Tunisiancrochet allow to find content on Tunisian crochet. Difficult to make it more obvious. There are similar hashtags in other languages. I will limit the list to French and English. But try a search in other languages that you know.

Another hashtag that is rich in content and has a community connotation is #tunisiancrochetersofinstagram, a variant of the more generalist #crochetersofinstagram. Try #tunisiancrochethook as well. You’ll find some unexpected photos of Tunisian crochet hooks.

Think about very specific hashtags, linked to events limited in times, such as #tcal2019 which is a big TCAL ongoing on Ravelry at present. An equivalent in French, that is not so specific as tcal, is #crocheterensemble (literally #crochetingtogether, which exists, I’ve just checked).

A hashtag that I discovered recently, thanks to atomicagecrochet, is #tunisiantuesday. Why Tuesday? Because it sounds nice (at least in English, because “marditunisien” in French, that’s not it). The idea is to dedicate one topic to each day of the week, Tuesday being the day for Tunisian crochet. It’s not exactly intuitive at first glance. But it’s a fun way to put a technique on the front stage once a week. I like the concept. So share your Tunisian crochet photos on Tuesday. Feels like a “rendez-vous”.

In short, hashtags linked to Tunisian crochet will allow you to find some beautiful photos, but also get to know passionate and creative people. On the other side of the world or next door, who knows? So tell me, what are your favorite hashtags?

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