A page on increases in Tunisian crochet

Today I added a page on increases in Tunisian crochet.

The objective of this page is not to list all possible types of increases, but merely to show there are different ways to make increases in Tunisian crochet.

All samples have been made in Tunisian simple stitches and all increases have been made after the 3rd stitch of each row. You’ll get different results if

  • you make samples in other stitches than the simple stitch
  • you make increases after a different number of stitches at each row
  • you make more than one increase per row

An increase can be so much more than the simple addition of a stitch in a row. It does not have to be invisible and may have a decorative effect that is appealing in a pattern. I hope my little experiment with swatches showing different types of increases will inspire you in your exploration of different Tunisian crochet techniques.

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