Welcome to my website!

My name is Rachel Henri. I’m passionate about Tunisian crochet. This technique, an hybrid between knitting and crochet, offers endless possibilities to make colorful items with unique textures.

I regularly publish patterns, in French and in English, on Ravelry. My aim is to propose models that will highlight all the beauty of Tunisian crochet.

On this site, you’ll find technical information on Tunisian crochet, explanations, photos, videos.

But not only that…

On my blog I’ll share with you what I like about knitting, crochet, fibers (mainly wool), the tools I use, the books I read, my travels and discoveries, and what other designers do as well.

A passion is best shared. So don’t hesitate to leave comments, ask questions, make suggestions.

You’ll find me on Ravelry, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

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