Tunisian crochet glossary

It is tricky to make a Tunisian crochet glossary. Why? Because Tunisian crochet terminology is not as standard as for regular crochet or knitting. This is a bit problematic in the sense that the same stitch can have different names, and different stitches can be called by the same name.

Nonetheless, here below you’ll find a list of common terms and abbreviations in Tunisian crochet, in French and in English.

Short Tunisian crochet glossary

FR termsFR abbreviationsUS termsUS abbreviations
rang / passage allerallerforward passFwdP, FwP
rang / passage retourretourreturn passRetP
point simpleptssimple stitchTss, TSS
point tricotpttknit stitchTks, TKS
point arrièreptareverse stitchTrs, TRS
point pleinptplfull stichTfs, TFS
torsetorsetwisted, twisted up,
slanted stitch
tw, twup
torse inversétorse invtwisted downtwdown
modifiémodmodified, lockedmod
point enversenvpurl stitchTps, TPS


Always keep in mind that designers, authors, editors are free to use the names they like to describe Tunisian crochet stitches and techniques. Always read the descriptions provided in patterns and books with utmost attention.

As an example, the twisted simple stitch can be twisted in 2 different directions, by rotating the hook clockwise or counterclockwise. It may seem like a detail but you really get 2 totally different results. So if you twist your stitches in the opposite direction compared to what is intended in the pattern, you’ll get another texture. That may look equally beautiful, but still different from the original stitch pattern.

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Learn more about Tunisian crochet stitches and techniques

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