One page on Tunisian crossed stitches

Today I added Tunisian crossed stitches to the list of variations on Tunisian basic stitches.

The question I’ve always (let’s say often) asked myself is to know whether we should describe this type of stitch as “crossed stitch” (singular) or “crossed stitches” (plural). It’s a trivial question, really. But if we stick to logic, in order to cross 2 stitches, you need… at least 2 stitches. In geometry, a crossed line implies there is at least another line that crosses it. And the same applies to arms, legs, fingers, roads… So I usually say “crossed stitches” in the plural form.

However, the name “crossed stitch” is often used in the singular form. Because 2 crossed stitches form one unique entity, some kind of new stitch (though technically it’s nothing new, it’s just the arrangement of stitches that is different). Like a shell stitch in standard crochet, that is made of several stitches and forms a unique stitch. And taken from that angle, it makes perfect sense.

Yet I really like to use the plural form. By habit, no doubt. And in the end, what matters most is to be clear in the description of instructions provided in a pattern, so that everyone understands what is meant to be done. And you? What is the form you like best? Would you use the singular or plural form?

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